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“I had the pleasure of supervising Anthony on Alice in Wonderland. Anthony impressed all of us on the project. He has the blend of skills that makes him a huge asset to a vfx team. He has a great aesthetic, produces work with great efficiency and helps the team with complex problem solving.”

~Bob Winter, Sony Imageworks via LinkedIn

“Anthony is a very talented compositor, and he has a great attitude towards his work. He managed multiple shots at once, and always kept me well informed of his status and roadblocks, so we could make effective decisions on getting the work done. He also helped to manage other compositors on the team, to distribute the workload, and to make sure that methods and execution were similar across multiple shots. Overall I definitely recommend Anthony as a strong compositor and valuable team member, for ability, attitutude, and dedication.”

~Seth Maury, Sony Imageworks via LinkedIn

“Anthony has a solid technical knowledge of the compositing process, that most others don't. He brings a LOT to the table in that respect, and made my job easier on 2012. He also can get shots done quickly and efficiently. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

~Marc Rienzo, Uncharted Territory via LinkedIn

“Anthony was our Compositing Supervisor on Seven Pounds at CafeFX, and he was fantastic: great eye, great attitude, and very well organized. He was instrumental in keeping things running smoothly, which helped us maintain pretty sane hours, even during the final delivery push. I'd gladly work with him again and would recommend him highly in a Senior, Lead or Comp Sup position.”

~Joel Mendias, CafeFX via LinkedIn

“Anthony did an outstanding job as a compositing supervisor for me on Seven Pounds. Always willing to get that extra bit of coolness and reality into any shot, self critical and a great listener. His management of the compositor team was supurb and his way of interacting made a real pleasant and highly professional atmosphere. He is also able to refine 2D pipelines through scripting and clever repeatable nested comps. In short, Anthony is a keeper and I truly hope to have him become a permanent member of my team in the near future.”

~Danny Braet, CafeFX via LinkedIn

“Anthony is by far one of the most efficient Compositors I've worked with. He is at one with Fusion, with such an intuitive understanding of the software that he's able to achieve great looking composites effortlessly. It isn't effortless, though - actually its just a testament to how hard Anthony works, and how motivated he is to exceed everyone's expectations. His sure presence boosts the productivity and quality of everyone on the team.”

~Wade Ivy, CafeFX via LinkedIn

“Mr. Kramer was one of our star performers in the compositing arena for Speed Racer and always managed to take his work above and beyond what was required. Mr. Kramer distinguished himself on a very difficult project and I'd happily work with him again, anytime, anywhere.”

~John Van Vliet, CafeFX via LinkedIn

“Anthony is an outstanding compositor. He's got a great eye, and he knows his compositing tools well. In fact, I would go so far as to say that he's the only competent Fusion compositor I've ever met. If I ever needed a great compositor who was forced to work in Fusion, I would call Anthony immediately. In fact, stop reading this endorsement because you can't hire him. I'm taking him back. Go find your own compositor.”

~Ben Grossmann, The Syndicate via LinkedIn

“Anthony is amazing compositor with wide range of skills. He has an incredible work ethic that shows through in his work. Besides being top rate compositor, Anthony has many other valuable organizational and technical skills that make him a valuable asset to any team. His openness and easy going attitude make it a pleasure to work with him even under stressful and time sensitive situations. I look forward to working with Anthony again in the near future and would expect to see him take on more responsibility and continue to produce amazing work.”

~Andy Wilcoff, Riot Pictures via LinkedIn

“Anthony Kramer is flat out a Compositing Force. Rarely do you find an artist that has an amazing eye, a keen sensibility of photo-realism, and amazing technical chops to back it all up. Anthony brings fine details and nuances to shots that others often simply fail to even observe. I have worked with Anthony on several occasions on drastically different shows and have been nothing but impressed by his leadership, knowledge, and ability to pound out beautiful shots. I would highly recommend bringing Anthony on to any challenging show that is in need of top talent. Simply put, Anthony Kramer is one of the best Compositors in the business.”

~Josiah Howison, Shade via LinkedIn

“Anthony is some what of a rare bird in that he's very technical but also very artistic. He was the one who implemented our lens distortion pipeline and it worked absolutely every single time. He also did several large shots that came off without a hitch. We were able to lean on him heavily and he performed flawlessly every single time. He shared his knowledge freely and was an important part of a small but tightly knit team of great people.”

~Robert Nederhorst, Svengali via LinkedIn